The name ETO is derived from traditional three wheelers in India referred as auto.

An electric auto or an e-auto! Why not ETO?

ETO is electric, economic and environment friendly encompassing all key aspects for customer-focused electric mobility.

Why ETO? Why Electric?

Electric Autos are poised to become mainstream in public transportation., As the technology (EVs) and batteries continue to improve,
limitation like high cost, limited range, performance issues, long charge time and dearth of charging infrastructure are things of the past.

ETO costs less then the conventional Auto

ETO costs less compared to conventional gas and diesel vehicles. Not only is the ETO affordable but also the cost of operating it is much cheaper than the regular autos. No hassle to buy gas, oil changes, no smog tests, and fewer moving parts to break or wear out. In fact, with the ETO you can go years without any repair or service bills at all.

ETO has hardly maintenance costs.

With fewer moving parts, there are not many things to break or that need fixing on the ETO. This will save you a lot of time and money on servicing, oil changes, failed transmissions. You’ll still have brakes to maintain, though they will last much longer than they do on a gas-powered vehicle. The ETO battery comes with a 3-year warranty and can ride up to 80 km on a single charge.

ETO Drivers enjoy the ride.

Not only the ETO is a smooth drive with no stress or load on its drivers it also has privileges. . Preferential parking spaces located near the entrance to stores, the ability to pass everyone in high-occupancy lanes on the highway and free public charging are just a few of the perks.

ETO- The Performer

ETO has been built with high torque power; their pickup is very quick and smooth, leaving gas-powered vehicles eating dust. ETO’s performance extends well beyond torque to range and cost efficiency because of a superior Li ion battery and regenerative systems in vehicle braking.

The ETO charges at home

With the ETO there is no gas to buy, or oil to change, to refuel, you simply recharge by plugging at home.

ETO- The future of three-wheeler public transportation.

If you drive an ETO you are a responsible citizen, as you’ll be making a difference for the environment, and saving money.

ETO is safe

ETO has to pass the same tests as regular gas and diesel vehicles, so you can be assured that they are completely safe to operate.

ETO- a silent ride

The ETO hardly makes a noise. It’s slightly offsetting the first time you press the accelerator and it whirs to life from a dead-silent stop to a slightly less silent zip down the road.

Get rewarded when you buy an ETO

Under FAME the GOI is providing subsidies for purchase of electric autos.



Cell phones etc. can be recharged via this low power source socket.


This vehicle is fitted with standard low-intensity power LED cabin lights that illuminates its interior.


Clears away water/ dirt from the front of the windscreen, making it safe to drive in all weather conditions.


The name ETO is derived from traditional three wheelers in India referred as auto. An electric auto or an e-auto! Why not ETO? ETO is electric, economic and environment friendly encompassing all key aspects for customer-focused electric mobility.



Owing to the secure/steady design feature of mounting the front wheel on trailing link type suspension and providing the rear wheels with leaf spring and shock absorber it align themselves to the rough terrain and gives a comfortable ride.


Swapping a battery at any point of time is possible, because of the use of a lithium-ion battery which aids in a lighter, sleek design. This eliminates the problem of waiting long hours to charge the vehicle and at the same time increases your range which will add up to your daily earnings


The parking brake indicator light helps the operator know that the brake is on. This is useful on an incline, while stopping, starting and parking.


Reversing a vehicle has never been easier……..just flick a switch and the vehicle begins to reverse effortlessly. This has been accompanied with a reverse buzzer for safe and accurate driving.


The front and rear brakes are fitted with hydraulic cylinders which helps in applying brakes effortlessly and are very effective in emergency braking also, accompanied with a powerful hand brake.


This vehicle can smoothly handle inclines of upto 15 degrees.



Lighting (as permissible by law) is provided on the vehicle, to ensure perfect visibility at all times, whether at night or in dull, gloomy weather.


An advanced, inventive and exclusive design has ensured that the handle bar is easily controllable by the driver and that the gauges are accessibly/ handily displayed to guarantee safety while driving.


The main components and powertrain are at an elevated position in the vehicle so as to prevent any water seepage and malfunctioning during floods.


This vital facility is provided in a most conveniently accessible position on the dashboard, so as to be able to shut down the vehicle completely in any emergency.



The interior of this vehicle is roomy and provides comfortable seating space for customers.


The design feature of the vehicle, with its open sides in the driver’s area as well as the passenger’s area, allow plenty of wind to pass through and make the ride very comfortable for its occupants.


While the vehicle has been designed to allow for plenty of ventilation, the windows and roof of the vehicle has been structured in such a way, so as to drain the rain water away from the interior of the vehicle.

ETO The ideal Electric Auto

  • Intra city transport
  • Shuttle service for tourists
  • Shuttle service in hotels and resorts
  • Shuttle service inside industrial parks
  • Short distance transportation
  • Transporting people to and from shopping centres
  • Transporting children to school
  • Advanced electric mobility, maximum safety, appealing design, remarkable driving pleasure and practicality.


I used to drive a rented auto to earn my living and it was very difficult for me to make ends meet at home. Now with the launch of ETO at phenomenal prices and financing, my life has improved and my family have a sense of pride and dignity.

Mallesh Yadav

Auto Driver

ETO has reduced my travelling time from metro station to my home. It is spacious, airy and very comfortable to ride in.

Venu Gopal Reddy


I am a student and part time auto driver. I drive auto to support my family. ETO has not only increased my daily earning but has also reduced the time for which I drive. Now I can focus more on my studies while supporting my family.

Mallesh Yadav

Auto Driver

I have been driving auto for last 20 years, to support my family I used to drive for around 10-12 hours a day. After purchasing ETO, now I can earn the same amount in much lesser time and spend more time with my family


Auto Driver